Chemistry 30

The Chemistry 30 Diploma Prep offers a complete and thorough review of all course content. 

Our program provides you with three days of face to face in-class instruction and review. Our knowledgeable and skilled professional instructors guide you through course key concepts, reviewing previous learning and providing test taking skills and tips that will provide you with a clear advantage on your diploma exam. This program will greatly enhance and clarify your understanding of diploma concepts and ensure you feel confident walking into the diploma exam.

Our Chemistry 30 prep course will cover the following areas:

  • Electronegativity
  • Energetics
  • Organic chemistry
  • Acid-base chemistry

Sara Glass

Sara taught chemistry at Archbishop Jordan High School where the majority of her students decidedly achieved the standard of excellence on their diploma exams. Sara has also been involved with Alberta Education in curriculum development, item writing, and diploma marking. Sarah holds a B. Sc., B. Ed., and M. Ed. all obtained at the University of Alberta. Let Sara help you sift through the important parts of this course so that you too can go confidently into writing your diploma exams.


Thursday, October 29 @ 6-9PM
Friday, October 30, @ 6-9PM
Saturday, October 31 @ 9AM-2PM
Sunday, November 1 @ 9AM-2PM