My son has attended Social and Physics review from APEX and absolutely LOVES these review courses. He finds them extremely useful! My son was very thankful for those invaluable and applicable review courses. Thanks APEX!
Angela Pfriem, ADLC/Vista Virtual School Board parent

Teachers know exactly where emphasis should be placed in preparing for the Diploma.
Devon McAndrews, FX

I would highly recommend this course. My diploma mark went up by 11% from my school awarded mark.
Lauren Vogel, Calgary

Am I glad that I decided to review the WHOLE course instead of just certain sections! It clarified and reinforced many concepts I thought I knew.
Daniel Chetner, Ross Shep

A fantastic review. It brought back concepts I had forgotten, clarified doubts, and filled in gaps I had missed. … I got 100% on the Diploma.
Nicholas Reh, Rs

Everything was explained in the simplest and clearest way.
Kalinda Broda, Scona

I got 100% on the Math 30-1 final! Studying for diplomas can cause a lot of anxiety for students, especially for first time diploma writers. The pressure to be able to relearn, understand, and apply the information learned in class is overwhelming. When I was faced with this anxiety, I looked for help through the courses offered by Apex Diploma Prep. Not only were the instructors able to provide a clearer understanding of the material, they were also able to give insightful strategies and tips for taking the diploma. The courses definitely helped me review the material and also helped me find success on my diplomas; because of this, I highly recommend Apex Diploma Prep.
Carlos Mendez, Edmonton Christian

Apex provided a fantastic foundation, guiding me towards success for the diploma. The classes were informative, structured and motivating, highlighting the essential topics that were necessary for the diploma. Not only was the material helpful, but the instructors were approachable and friendly. Apex is a fantastic diploma prep course and will help ensure your success on the diploma!
Marcus Stack, Mac