Science 30

The Science 30  Diploma Prep offers a complete and thorough review of all course content. 

Our program provides you with three days of face to face in-class instruction and review. Our knowledgeable and skilled professional instructors guide you through course key concepts, reviewing previous learning and providing test taking skills and tips that will provide you with a clear advantage on your diploma exam. 

Our Science 30 prep course will cover the following areas:

  • Living systems respond to their environments
  • Chemistry in the environment
  • Electromagnetic energy
  • Energy and the environment

Mike Tachynski

Mike Tachynski has taught at Ross Sheppard High School for 10 of the past 16 years, Mr. Tachynski regards Science 30 as his favourite course that he has ever taught. Mr. Tachynski is gifted in breaking down difficult concepts into and "easier-to-understand" formats. His Science 30 classes consistently achieve excellent results on the Provincial Diploma Exam.


Thursday, November 5 @ 6-9PM
Friday, November 6 @ 6-9PM
Saturday, November 7 @ 9AM-2PM
Sunday, November 8 @ 9AM-2PM